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    1. Overview of Group

      JoyColor Group, a domestic senior chemical and new material research and development, manufacturing and investment group company, the group started in 2003. For more than 20 years, he has been deeply engaged in various fields such as polymer synthetic materials, new energy investment, fine chemicals, special resins and high-end equipment.

      Adhering to the business philosophy of "professional, stable and innovative", carrying forward the enterprise spirit of "dare to pioneer, endure hardships and stand hard work", keep making progress, dare to innovate, and wholeheartedly meet the needs of customers, and create a new era for the high-end masterbatches and the synthetic resins.

      Overview of Corporate

      High-end black masterbatch intelligent manufacturer, with complete research and development, quality assurance, application and other centers, using fully automatic, fully imported automated production lines and artificial intelligence + industrial Internet to implement the entire process of unmanned technology to realize intelligent manufacturing and promote leapfrogging Style development. We provide competitive, safe and reliable products and services in the fields of injection molding, modification, agricultural film, pipes, drip irrigation, geotechnical, foaming, spinning, shading nets, sheets, lunch boxes, conductive products, etc.; Continue to innovate around customer needs, increase investment in research and development, accumulate and develop, and promote the progress of China's masterbatch industry.

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